Musings 2006

It's 20 days and my blog is still not updated. It's 20 days since I've even had lunch in my house. It's been almost the same time that I could peacefully work on my project. 20 days and I still haven't cleaned my computer desk. 20 days since I even chatted late night till 4. Its been the same time that i even freaked out with my friends. The same number of days and I couldn't play those "a few tunes" on my guitar (with the horrible tuning ever discovered). These days have squeezed us (read I + some others) from every little part of (something called) "fun" that we ever had in our lives.

Enough of this boring introduction. I'm trying to be, but I can never be a great writer (Give anti-comments to the poor soul to make him a happy one).

Musings 2006. Finally. Has. Been. Released. With the same old importance in the college. But with an enthusiasm bundled a zillion times more in us. Reason you ask?? The first one being, It's getting better everytime and so is it this year too. Second - the overall Perfection Coefficient (as we call it) increasing drastically (The more you correct the printer about the inter-word spacing, comma's and full-stops (and the more he bawls you) the higher this coefficient is). Third - Just for the heck of it. Otherwise the para sounds incomplete. Fourth - We worked hard than ever. Many realised what I was doing can best be termed as 'over action' but some later must have (must have) seen that it was actually necessary. Fifth - This was the best graphic theme that I could bring out for the magazine in my service for the mag. Sixth - No ads on the back side of the coverpage!!

As I posted in one of those previous posts in the Musings' Blog, we did have everal "First Times" in Musings this year. A video being compiled, a central theme for the graphics all over, a different layout for the messages from the BoD's etc.,

BREAK (I continued composing this post after a break of 10 days... so make all those 20's into 30's) (And i even forgot how I was about to continue)
(To know more about Musings-is-great, please see the magazine directly. I have no patience to describe that it is 36-24-36. Time is 1:09 AM)

Musings this year was somehow more interesting than ever. It's not about the magazine that I'm speaking. It's among the editors and the board that the chemistry was fine-tuned. Of course, we did have our share of brickbats thrown over each other and this part of the program was sponsored to you by the second years. Siddhrath balling Chetan - Chetan balling Sid in front of Shiva - Shiva revealing all this to me - I shutting my mouth as theres no use trying to pacify these guys - Well, somethings never change. Somehow, the cribbing part of M'06 has taken it to a new level of understanding between the team members. About their abilities, I mean.

Pain - Nightouts have worked wonders this year. We had fun, we experienced the pain in sleepyheadedness (if that word ever exists). While some experienced the pain in missing their dearest moments of life, some experienced the pain in missing classes and attendance while some in missing their favourite food too. The whole thing of working together with your 100% in it, I could say, could be one of the reasons as to why M'06 is The celebrated issue so far. When it comes to getting it all together, you see the real pain. The names for the art pieces get mismatched and sometimes, we lose them too. Some highly-recommended-articles-by-staff from the students make their way directly into the magazine, without a coma being removed from the original article. But when the editors tried escorting them into the mag, they turned out to be entirely different ones. Sometimes, we felt the titles themselves be better changed. Getting it all done in a way we wished was one of the things that left us happy this year. Absolutely no issues from the staff and management. Hey... and dont forget to check out "Hit Parade".

End of it all, I thought when I was with only myself and when it flashed in my mind that I can never work for the magazine again... it felt 'Oh...Yes. Thats true. Never Again'. No more nightouts. No more class-bunks. No more printing press. No more late night chatting. No more photo sessions. No cribbing and no more confusion of selecting and rejecting articles. I'll miss it all. More than anything, I will miss my team. As Sid penned it down, M'06 is An Ode to Penmanship. But for me it could actually be An Ode to Friendship or An Ode to Companionship. That's an inner catchline for a few of us too - if you can call it so.

With all this and without any hesitation, I say Musings 2006 is the best issue till date. In our view, it's also the best a group of 6-7 can get in a period as short as 3 months!!

A bow to all the M'06 Team Members, Raji Reddy Sir, Vikhyat, Abhishek, Nayeem, Balraju and Kumar @ Karshak Printers and all those who were directly or indirectly involved in getting this thing out.

A special mention of Kalpana, Siddharth and Triveni is inevitable. Hey Sid, don't you think we've set that new "bar" which you were craving for ?

Thanks guys - We've finally done it!!

P.S: My sincere apology to Keerthi for mismatching her name in one of the art pieces. The second colour artwork under the name "Vishal - Third Year MMT" has actually been made by Keerthi. She's the same person who sketeched the 8th B/W art piece.


A closing note for a new beginning...
hi all!
yes.. all the waiting is over now and M'06 is finally out! :) it was a cherishabe moment and we are extremely glad to see it make a mark... we carry forward loads of memories with us and hope to receive your reviews soon :)
and so we are still waiting.. :p


And finally WE proudly say... It's over... as promised in M'05, we are back with a bang.


We are.

Grab your copy now.


Musings 2006 - An Ode to Penmanship


Anonymously ME

Till one month ago, I was jus another ordinary guy, with two backlogs to my credit and and hell lot of bad impression on the teachers. There was nothing that I could actually boast about.Life seemed to have become numb and the colors around me were fading every moment. My friends asked me as to why I was wearing the depressed look on my face and what was the reason that made me dumb. I couldn't answer them. Slowly I realized that mediocrity had gripped its poisonous tentacles around my lifestyle. I was helpless and and couldn't think of anything else. My backlogs snatched away my freedom to bike and my right to watch my favourite TV show-FRIENDS , every evening at 7. My table was filled with heavy text books and huge all in one(s). My head was surrounded with dark grey clouds.I prayed every night for emancipation and wished for the real life, for lust and for spice. But all in vain.Nothing changed for a long time and the shades of black creeped over my already dormant mind. I was at a mental block due to my inactivity.

Then suddenly one day(like the off sesaonal rains, in and outside the city), GOD slapped with the best thing that could happen to me in the college(The 'Zine). Me and Satan went to this informal meeting regarding the college magazine(better known as MUSINGS). We were already late, thanks to Satan's love for CBIT 'plate meals'. As we excused ourselves and entered the room, I noticed a cool headed, curly haired guy sitting on the teacher's desk. He was Ravi-C.E.D, Team Musings. The entourage, were listening very silently to his speech(Though some of them were talking on the phone and some of them were yawning and making really awkward noises). Mr.Satan who was pretending as if he was listening, was actually messaging on his 6600 to his you-know-who. But I was listening mindfully.Ravi's speech was very casual and vivid and I could instantly identify him as a very good public speaker. In between the sessions, our creative shocker Mr. Sid walked in and oout of the room, to attend his STD calls.Dainty Damsel Kalpana aka kal was smiling(I know you would say "tell us something new"). Aditya aka Quicksilver(or should I say Adi as the whole college calls him) was flipping his cell phone between his fingers but was listening very keenly.

On that day, at that moment, I least knew that this meeting was going to prove fatal(I mean for my mediocrity). Because Ravi offered me work, fun, excitemenmt and a whole new set of friends for the cost of my time(which I had loads and loads). That day, I gave them my contact details and soon I was called for. I was tested(casually though) and the next thing I knew was that I was on the editorial board. Since Ravi had no successor, he picked me to be his asst.designer(apparentlly, I impressed him with a collageof Mettalica which I made using MS Paint...lol) for which I am more than just happy. Because there it started. My activty of a lifetime.......Colors started decorating my ambience, thanks to my online Phtoshop tutorials with Ravi. And like the rains that start with small drops and then pour, my activity began with musings, and I have no idea how intersting new things took over me. There was the birth of Velcro and spam Gods like JD welcomed me with awe. My acads made positive leap as my internal marks took the exponetial route(Dont ask me how. I have absolutely no idea). Then I realized that whoever said "dene wala jabbi detha, detha chappar phaad ke" wasn't kidding around he he...

Now I am enjoying my life(Except for a girl who pisses me off now and then). Sometimes I still wonder how all of the team memebers, who were complete strangers to me before, are now my best friends. All of them are hip and happening and I am not exaggerating when I say that all of them absolutely rock!!!

Thanks to MUSINGS. I am not an unknown guy anymore. I am the "one of those Musings guy". And good bye to my sick nicknames like shivvu and RFM(ra**d French model). It makes me proud to say that I am not anonymous any more but synonymous with M'06.

Team Musings:
Ravi(my mentor)
Sid(My role model)
Kal(My smiling English teacher)
Satan(my critic)
Adi(my fun mate)
Spurt(my embarssment)

Expected comments:
Ravi: This blog is good, but you could have been better.
Sid: Balls to your blog. This is not your personal blog to write abt your struugle.
Kal: Hey, in total, 18 commas are missing and..............
Satan: ha ha ha man.....nice joke...ha ha...really man..really awesome jokes u crack..lol
Spurt: Arrey kya re tu....u got embarassed that day re?...sorry re...re......re...

P.S: The title in no way is connected to the anonymous commenters on the blog and Kal please forgive me for any miscrepancies that might have accidentally crept in.


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A scene from the M'06 headquarters. Thanks to Mr.Raji Reddy we have two stand-alone systems at our disposal this time unlike last year where we were running from lab to lab and carrying out our editing work with the help of Microsoft Windows Networking.
Editing is a very turning out to be interesting job with our articles being a mixed bag.More about it in the next post.


A few rare snaps from the second Musings 'brainstorming' musical nightout. All we say is M'06 Rocks!!! Posted by Picasa


Modern Age Creativity

Well this topic of originality in creativity came up because our dear CED commented (Balled) on me saying that every 'creative shocker' i hurled at him was not original and was lifted from some pre-existing source. In my support I just wanna quote a line from the defence lawsuit filed by author Dan Brown who is currently facing charges of plagrism in his record best seller 'The Da Vinci Code' :::

" We live in a world of cut and paste, and in a global village. Creativity is a beautifully arranged patchwork that nudges something a little further on."

So the debate still rages..


Well this might seem as a surprise to some, but with around 10 days left for the final product to be ready. We have two new recruits from the ECE dept. These two girls Shreya (2nd yr) and Padma(3rd yr) seem to be taking their job seriously as they already have an idea as to what is to be done.
Hope these new recruits add to our team. Cheers


It's wrong anymore to say that somethings never change. With Musings, many things keep on changing with every issue. Heres what's "first time " with M'06; Woh Pehli Baar at M'06:

> "Assistant" Designers and Editors.
> Balling.
> Nightouts for magwork.
> Creative Shockers.
> The Cyber presence of our mag - Blog.
> More Balling.
> Our verbal purity crew getting used to the balling slang with a fist on their head.
> Things going the way as the board wishes.
> 4 different posters for promotional purposes.
> Even more Balling.
> The M'06 posters.
> Contests for Musings.
> Balling people all over the way.
> Excessive Balling.
> The faculty being updated about musings.
> The entire team working.
> Spurthi, Adi, Triveni, Shiva and Chetan - 5 new comers !!
> Unbearable Balling.
> Not a single meet outside MGIT
> No computer of MGIT has been used till date.
> Presence of a board member for all 4 years of his engineering. (ahem... yours truly...)
> Musings making a wideeee presence at mgit.org
> Balling, to and fro.


M'06 Design Lab

The need for setting up a design lab arose in the first place wen Ravi challenged us fellas(Shua Cartick n Me) to come up with some designs by the time he woke up(lazy bum slept at 1 am while we slogged our sic a**** till 4 in the morning).This is a first time sincere effort by our designer-in-the-wings Shua(Sh-u-aa)under the not-so-able guidance of Sid (hence the 'un-earthly' appeal)Please do leave your valuable comments to encourage this young fella. Be assured that the final coverpage will leave you asking for more.We are maturing with each effort because Adobe Photoshop (our Jeevan Dhara) is an ocean. And proper utilization of the all the effects is a very demanding process. However Shua is learning the ropes very well and will soon branch out as an excellent designer. Watch this space for more....


A snap from Musings "Brainstorming session"

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