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It's wrong anymore to say that somethings never change. With Musings, many things keep on changing with every issue. Heres what's "first time " with M'06; Woh Pehli Baar at M'06:

> "Assistant" Designers and Editors.
> Balling.
> Nightouts for magwork.
> Creative Shockers.
> The Cyber presence of our mag - Blog.
> More Balling.
> Our verbal purity crew getting used to the balling slang with a fist on their head.
> Things going the way as the board wishes.
> 4 different posters for promotional purposes.
> Even more Balling.
> The M'06 posters.
> Contests for Musings.
> Balling people all over the way.
> Excessive Balling.
> The faculty being updated about musings.
> The entire team working.
> Spurthi, Adi, Triveni, Shiva and Chetan - 5 new comers !!
> Unbearable Balling.
> Not a single meet outside MGIT
> No computer of MGIT has been used till date.
> Presence of a board member for all 4 years of his engineering. (ahem... yours truly...)
> Musings making a wideeee presence at mgit.org
> Balling, to and fro.

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  1. Anonymous Varun 

    Hey M'06 team,
    Its great to see MGITians really getting their act together with this year's issue. I agree with most of the rather 'novel' approaches to M'06 this year around, but, and i'm sure Aadarsh would agree with me on this one, "Nightouts for magwork", is something we did!!!! BIG TIME!!! So, just shouting out to the Musings junta there that we too were in the same position long time back facing some of the same problems you guys might be facing now. But its really amazing to know that the Musings team has finally reached a homeostasis with the Management! Hopefully, this harmony shouldn't affect any form of content to be published in the Magazine.

    Anyway, what I would like to see in this M'06 could be summarised as follows:

    One Hundred ercent % GENUINE CONTENT produced solely due to the cultivation of integral and in-situ thinking aka MUSINGS

    Less cartoony illustrations.

    Less Morals and Ideals, More practical thinking and realism.

    Less Fun and Games (although some should be present) and More relevant material

    M'06, I would expect should be a BANG! (this excludes the cover page or art or any design, although this is important too, the Content should produce concatenated thinking....)

    Diversity in the written material, should have a pre-requisite that every branch should contribute.

    "Slightly" more contributions from the Faculty (remember - less ideals and morals, so choose the faculty wisely...I would be disappointed to see a lecturer promoting the religious practicies of a particular religion as the sole tool for improving studying methodology...refer first Musings for that one!)

    As far as Verbal purity is concerned, no more "transmorgifying" related artciles....old junta..please take note...the point is not to floor people with "blowhard", "braggish" or "elitist" language ...PLEASE!!!! If you really want to show off etymological prowess - please add a separate section.

    Try to make this Musings so much of a read, that people who arent even interested in reading should be "converted"!



    PS: What the heck is balling ??????

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