It's wrong anymore to say that somethings never change. With Musings, many things keep on changing with every issue. Heres what's "first time " with M'06; Woh Pehli Baar at M'06:

> "Assistant" Designers and Editors.
> Balling.
> Nightouts for magwork.
> Creative Shockers.
> The Cyber presence of our mag - Blog.
> More Balling.
> Our verbal purity crew getting used to the balling slang with a fist on their head.
> Things going the way as the board wishes.
> 4 different posters for promotional purposes.
> Even more Balling.
> The M'06 posters.
> Contests for Musings.
> Balling people all over the way.
> Excessive Balling.
> The faculty being updated about musings.
> The entire team working.
> Spurthi, Adi, Triveni, Shiva and Chetan - 5 new comers !!
> Unbearable Balling.
> Not a single meet outside MGIT
> No computer of MGIT has been used till date.
> Presence of a board member for all 4 years of his engineering. (ahem... yours truly...)
> Musings making a wideeee presence at mgit.org
> Balling, to and fro.


M'06 Design Lab

The need for setting up a design lab arose in the first place wen Ravi challenged us fellas(Shua Cartick n Me) to come up with some designs by the time he woke up(lazy bum slept at 1 am while we slogged our sic a**** till 4 in the morning).This is a first time sincere effort by our designer-in-the-wings Shua(Sh-u-aa)under the not-so-able guidance of Sid (hence the 'un-earthly' appeal)Please do leave your valuable comments to encourage this young fella. Be assured that the final coverpage will leave you asking for more.We are maturing with each effort because Adobe Photoshop (our Jeevan Dhara) is an ocean. And proper utilization of the all the effects is a very demanding process. However Shua is learning the ropes very well and will soon branch out as an excellent designer. Watch this space for more....


A snap from Musings "Brainstorming session"


Raising the bar:

Musings which turns four this year, brings with it an aura and captivation that hath bound us, the student editors, enthrall. Musings was started by a group of 'bugged' individuals driven by gusto with the main notion of deciphering the talent around and paint a true picture of an MGITian.
With each passing day as the deadline for bringing out the mag nears a question nags us (kay Kay n Me) "Should we raise or lower the bar ?"
Raise the bar in the sense setting stircter norms for the articles to be selected.
The first issue of the mag was the thickest of the lot with many ccp (cut, copy, paste) articles; which had a telling effect on the responses for the second edition.The zine team of Musings'04 grappling with the dearth of printable contributions did an awesome job of coming out with an edition which till today is a benchmark for meaningful content. This set the 'bar' for the future editions also.
The million dollar question is "can we compromise on quality?" Should we lower the bar ??? Should we accept more stuff to just make the mag more thick?

The 'Summit' is an imaginary frontier which we at the edi-board try to reach every year with our whole hearted commitment and efforts. It's hard to describe this frontier in words. It is an enigma, a feeling of joy and satisfaction that our hard work has not gone in vain. Every one of the edi board of the previous editions know how great it feels when your hard work is being unwrapped before your very own eyes in full grandeur and pomp. The applause from the junta says it all (I'm getting nostalgic here :-} )

The major criterion for selection of any work is originality and excellent expression of creativity. Both these qualities compliment each other. Like every year this time also we get a plethora of contributions from every nook and cranny as a response to our flamboyant posters and zestful campaigning. As we go through each an every contribution patiently with an editor’s mindset, we try to gauge the readability from the audience point of view. We don't expect Pulitzer winning contributions; all we are looking for is the true reflections of the ethos of a collegian.

As the part of preparing the final draft we eventually have to chuck out some contributions which do not conform to the 'bar'. It is nothing less than tackling a 'Gordian knot' when trying to select the better from the best. Some art. are original but are not well written they are what we term 'school-standard'. Some of the ‘non-school’ standard stuff deal with off-beat topics which may not interest many readers. Every article that makes to the mag is given a thorough dressing down i.e. it's strong and weak points are thoroughly debated and a final decision is reached. There is zero chance for recommendations and backdoor entries.

It's the 'school-standard' arts. on which I would like to concentrate this year. Basically these are by writers 'in the wings'. People who come up with them are very honest in their efforts. They try to express what's on their minds; only their language and style need a little 'tweaking' ;-)

The other day in an informal discussion between a staff editor and myself the 'thinness' and 'standard' of musings|05 came up in which I had played a pivotal role. Musings05 was 'thin' because the bar was out of reach for the mango people (aam junta.) If we raise it a few more inches this year the mag will be like a news paper supplement (plus point: less cost-> we can go for a fully colored edition)

We walk the tight rope every year during selection/editing. The content has to be catchy is the main funda. This time for M'06 all the 'school-standard' contributions are being put under the creative shocker scanner i.e. If they conform to some pre requisites they will be altered by us (with due consent from the author) to make them more appealing and publishable so that we end up with a good, healthy collection of presentable contributions. For people who want to write but don't know what to write upon we have the 'ed-board projects' wherein we suggest the topics to be written. These (topics) will be a mixed bag. You can at least go under the 'bar' if not over it.
We at M'06 are obsessed with ‘quality of quantity’. We don't want a thin mag like the India Today or The Week which people can easily roll and tuck in the back pockets of their jeans. Musings|06 means a lot to us (plummeting acads and attendance perc.) and with the time on our hands we will give you a masterpiece to awwwwwwwwwww at!!!


For all those ppl who have been searching for activity in the blog...Here's a hot new entry competing for the coverpage of M '06. Its from our own 'Zine team and the designer says that he has used close to a 100 effects on this piece of art!!!

But, before we can actually consider this entry or any of its off-shoots....we need your critical acclaims and appreciating notes....So, go ahead and comment.
we'll be back soon(courtesy: creatve shocker)...Keep watching this space for more and Dont forget to comment.

P.S: Take care and have fun.


Here's a peek-a-boo into one of designers creative minds....have a good look at it and please post ur comments because this may become an inspiration for the upcoming designs.


Censored Freedom

Censor and Freedom these two words contradict each other. Freedom is the power or right to act, speak or think freely where as censorship is the supression of freedom.
Censored freedom is a term which though not used often is always on the back of our minds. While coming out with the mag every year we have to exericise censored freedom on the contributions. In a college like us we have different mix of characters. Every collegian, at one point or another nurses a brunt against the management. This is natural.
Now comes M'06 which shouts from the roof tops that through it MGITians relieve the angst in their pangst. So eventually we get contributions from people who want to vent their ire. We have to turn a blind eye(sadly) as we can't mess with our only sponsors.
We give the authors an option of modifying their explosive content..If they prefer to stick to their guns(which many do) their contibutions are shown the door(the way it was with the previous issues).Even if we agree the final draft is scanned(pun intended!) thoroughly by the staff editors. So no other go.
But things are diferent at M'06(courtesy:out of box thinking)
We are going to have two editions. A paperback one and the other an online issue.The paperback will carter to the needs of the mango people(aam junta), the online edition will have the 'real' stuff. Something like the Vatican's version of the Bible and Dan Brown's version.
So "I'm a rebel" junta, rejoice. Your tale will not go unheard.


In The Pipeline:::

Rejoice people my creative instincts are back some of my upcoming works
Mission 'Chipkao' part 2
Attendance Blues
The Ten Commandments
The All Bencher
M'06 Juke Box

watch this space 4 more.....


Live Wire (My train of thoughts after watching RDB)

College days are the most ‘happening’ days of one’s life. College life is all about fun, masti and frolic. College brings about a paradigm shift in the individual as he/she matures from a teenager to a youth. These days are also the most important ones as it now when we make or break our career.
The youth of our country are caught in an identity crisis; aping the west on one side and coming to terms with our age old customs and traditions. This confused lot doesn’t know what it wants from life.
The youth of doesn’t realize the important role it can play in shaping the destiny of the country. It was the youth which once brought us freedom. It was at the forefront of the freedom struggle and national reformation. We have forgotten the contributions of forefathers and find more joy in swaying to latest numbers in discos, speeding away in flashy vehicles, gizmo crazy, shopping till dropping; high on attitude and high on life is our funda.
We are too much worried about our sick souls and don’t give a damn about anything else. We lack the idealism, enthusiasm and the attitude of the pre-independence era youth. In short we are too afraid to come out of our comfort zone.
Like Aamir Khan puts it in RDB….
“College key gate ke is par hum zindagi ko nachate hain aur us paar zindagi hume nachati hai.”
The i-generation (internet, i-pod) likes to play it safe and take only calculated risks.
Realistic portrayal of the young revolutionaries in the movie tugs at your heart strings. They (freedom fighters) were young 20 something’s when they decided to lay down their lives fighting for freedom of the country having complete faith in their ideals. There was never an iota of fear when they carried out their daring escapades.
You may say that they ideals they lived for are passé and extinct now. But friends take a look around your surroundings. There is poverty, unemployment, corruption, dowry and many other social evils.
We have this attitude of “the country is going to the dogs” and that anyone who sets out to change the system but the system ends up changing them.. That is crap guyz. The system can change you only when you are not strong enough and keep running for the comfort of mama’s lap on encountering just a single obstacle. Chuck these losers.

Youth is the greatest power on planet earth. History bears testimony to the fact that nations that have not embraced and utilized this power have become extinct in the sands of time.
Today in India there are thousands of people (youth) who can change the country with their beautiful open-minded hearts and their incredibly brilliant minds. They feel that there is no point in even trying because the current political and cultural environment is so much against them. But, if you are one of them, you right. You are the ones to help bring it. Don’t be afraid of the backlash. Stand tall and do what you know in your heart is right and just for all, not just what benefits a chosen few. You know ignorance can no longer rule the people. You know that blind ignorance can no longer a viable option. Don’t stand on the sidelines too lazy and scared to do anything about all of the ugliness going around you. Swim and fight your way to the centre of the vortex. Embrace the eye of the storm.

I stand here in the eye of the storm, turmoil and disorder around me. The vision is very clear here. I’ll do my part to empower this nation you do yours.


Sorry to disappoint you Sid. But we were selected for the final round interview. We almost made it. But we had to put 8 hours of work so had to take lite. But anyways huge point is that, we were in the last 25 of the 1500 people who tried out.
But it was a great experience. Had fun. Met a few pretty girls. What more can I ask for.
Read my blog for more information.


Magic is in the air:

The week gone by has been one of the most yadgaar ones for the M'06 team.
1st Adi n Ravi have been oficially selected as Radio Jockey's for Radio Mirchi....Salaam Namaste Hyderabad.

Shaitan,Shua,Sid formed the 'zine' music club which met an untimely demise courtesy 'Maut Ki Ungli'

The GRE junta is on full steam gobbling away loads of books in a jiffy.

Shua,Sid,Kay Kay managed to watch Rang De Basanthi battling all odds.

Sid,Adi,shaitan qualified for the finals of IQ-IMS inter-college quiz defeting 127 teams for the spot only to be blown away by the typhoon from NIT-Calicut

So the bottom line is M'06 is adding magic to our lives like it or not..!



The first official draft of the coverpage...out from the head of CED ;) Its your space now... go ahead...comment !!


Just yesterday realised that this eventually had to happen.
Just yesterday realised that I'm tiring because I've got too many things on my mind.
Just yesterday realised that I hadn't done anything fun for quite some time now.
Just yesterday realised that I needed to be hugged.
Just yesterday realised that I needed to put my head on someone's lap & look at the stars.
Just yesterday realised that MGIT fried rice isn't the only food on the planet.
Just yesterday realised that the more work you do,the more sober you become.
Just yesterday realised that talking to your close friends about nothing can be such a solace.
Just yesterday realised that PVR cinemas has actually opened in Hyderabad.
Just yesterday realised that Nirvana is gonna be a damp squib this year.
Just yesterday realised that it takes hardwork for dreams to come true.
Just yesterday realised that Sid makes a huge effort just to make a blog entry.
Just yesterday realised that Satan was Kannadiga.
Just yesterday realised that Kal can actually be called KK.
Just yesterday realised that Triveni is very hardworking .
Just yesterday realised that Spurt can actually write.
Just yesterday realised that Shua wears Sania Mirza glasses.
Just yesterday realised that a few people do read this blog.
Just yesterday realised that "wells"(if you know what i mean) can be a pain in the ass.
Just yesterday realised that even mass fellows can write articles.
Just yesterday realised that Techno looked like a muslim when i was in first year.
Just yesterday realised that there is a BMW X5 in Hyderabad with HR registration.
Just yesterday realised that some juniors were being harassed by some faltoo seniors.
Just yesterday realised that a road is being laid from Picnic dhaba till Gooncha hill.
Just yesterday realised that I won't have time to play the inter-class cricket match.
Just yesterday realised that my bike has a dent on the rear number plate.
Just yesterday realised that Puppy(my friend) has the whole STAR WARS saga on DVD.
Just yesterday realised that I haven't ragged in a while.
Just yesterday realised that I want to play football on friday evening.
Just yesterday realised that today is more important.
So I'm going to go sleep. JUST NOW

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