Yeh Hai Em Gee Ayee Tee


Teleportation...Kya matlab???
Teleportation is the technique which extra terrestrials in sci-fi movies use for zapping humans from the face of earth into their space ships.

But teleportation and musings..?

Well today I saw a live,real time working model of this amazing futuristic tchnology in my own class..?(No aliens in our already queer class please)
This is no fiction guys..its true.The Musings team is always at the forefront of technology.So here is wat happened..

Varddat Ki Jagah (location in angrezi) : B block,@nd floor,3rd year mech,1.45 p.m.

The sick lec is screwing up the already screwed up poor fellas to the max.The junta after a hearty lunch is swaying between the dream world and the real world.The lec is teaching in a melodious song like tone(oh the effects of a heavy lunch.)
People are nodding heads in unision to questions he is throwing(n he's also the one answering them) when suddenly i feel my heart miss a beat..damn these cell phones in vibration mode can scare the living day lights out of a person.It was a msg frm kayk asking me to surrender the copy of 'signum vitalis' or else face the consequences.Trinity was hovering outside the class to lay her hands on da book.
I was right under the lec's nose(I love this subject not the lec) n also was da 'keeda' who was trying to answer the rapid fire of questions.Any akward action of mine would certainly be noticed.It was like courting death.
Wat do I do???
Suddenly as if my gaurdian angels had heard my prayer the lec turned to the board to write some huge,complex formula...now is my chance I thought,Its now or never.
I grope in the darkness of my sack(bag).I picked out the first thing that came to my greasy hands n was about to hurl it over to kal's side when i noticed that it was a copy of filmfare(which if spotted would certainly have created a riot in class)quickly i hide it in the same maze from where it came.I use my cell phone as a torch to guide me in the darkness of my bag and behold here it is....the blue shimmering copy of 'SV' The lec is still chalking the board making noises like a pair of mice scampering on a marble floor.so I have ample time at hand.In one James Bond like manoeuvre I manage to hurl it across three benches at one go(must try my hand at olympic throwing events..who knows we may have a champion in the making!)
The book lands directly on Kal's bench(last bench) n she looks flabergasted as if it has landed from the ceiling unable to understand.
Triveni is waiting outside n on cue she enters inside the class asking 4 kal..the lec gives her a starnge disapproving look as if she has interrupted his nobel prize acceptance speech :-)n just balls her.The poor soul is disheartened n for the soft kind of gal she is,apologises n leaves.But to b on da edi board you have to be Innovative and stubborn.This is wat Triveni does she asks kal to TELEPORT the mag.

Well teleportation works something like this..the object to be transferred is passed along benches till it makes to the last one which is besides a window.The window has a speciality it has no glass panes(destroyed on purpose) so its now a kinda like this bank counter where they hand out forms n stuff.The book has to be placed near the windo so that Triveni can lift it.Who will do this ultimate action packed move?that too in this dreaded lecs class....well the onus of carrying out this death defying stunt is handed over to Nis our in house fencing champion.In one jhatka she places da book near da window n is back in her place in a flash n no one even noticed.The very next moment the book disappers from the window opening.Triveni is walking back past the classroom with the book tucked safely under her arm..It looks cool just like in the spy movies :-)


Namsthey ppl.....here i am, the indolent bone with too much energy as everyone calls but then am here to tell you ppl am not one! Anyways atlast am on the blog. Couldn catch up wid ya'll cos my invitation was gone astray in the mailist.

I can see a lot of progress in here. Thanks to our "thope"Snr Sid that he has got some spice into everything wid his nifty head at work. We have an amazing list of people on our editorial board this time. Each one who is inimitable in their own way.

Sid-----The man who has far-fetched thoughts which have to be put into use by us.
Ravi----Without whom MUSINGS wouldnt have had a history! The wacky designer
Kalpana----Too earnest n cordial member of our team who is considered our backbone.
Triveni----All that comes to my mind is "meeru me articles english lo gaani telugu lo gaani hindi lo gaani ivvachu" (that too in her very frail n feeble voice). That was her say durin the campaignin for MUSINGS hehe
Aditya----Quicksilver is here ...hez there.......he is everywhere. Goes around just odering things to ppl n knows the ploy to get the things done. The editor of our "RETREAT" too
Chetan----The funny guy with lots to pen down. He is the creative mind at work.Keeps wondering wat i would do after my engineerin after he faced the debate sessions durin campaigning. LOL
Shiva Karthik Oops Shivaditya----Guy who he himself forgets his name after the wonderful incident that took place which we all know by now hehe...Anyways comin to him he is the designer for the MUSINGS in makin, our ray of hope once Mr.Ravi leaves college.
Spurthi----Yes thats me n you'll know it all.

Coming to the progess in getting contributions for the magazine... we dont find much of enthu in our 1st yrs this time. They are the ones who should come up wid their ground-breaking ideas for the magazine. Lets see how far they go in making this a success.

To all the people out there....we are at ur service for anything and everything, Its just that u'll should come up with ur articles,thoughts,artwork in any formas soon as possible.

signing off


Hit Parade

My take on why Musings'06 is gonna be the best one till date.
First there is a fine mix of experience (one 4th yr guy, three 3rd yrs.) and in-experience (four 2nd years.) The zine team can now draw a parallel with the Indian cricket team.
No. of team members=8
8 is Saturn’s ruling number which signifies hard work and assured results.
(That's the amateur numerologist in me speaking.)
Our crusade drives home the point, “Read the writing on the wall..Musings’06 is in your face. Lump it or like you have got to have it. You man run but you cannot hide. If you are creative we will smoke ye fellas out.” this time around we have extended the range of topics to draw in more participation from the mango people (aam junta.)Mgit is finally waking up....phew (our shout fests and visual bombardment have served their purpose very well.)Now-a-days the 'zine' team is being mobbed in corridors and the canteen by eager contributors (Personally I never expected pretty girls [shying and contemplating like in the movies] to come up to me and ask about the deadlines, progress and trivia ;-))
The mood is upbeat; fun, frolic and creativity is in the air.. Need I say more???

Know The M'06 Team:::

Ravi Shankar : Director, Top Dog
(Techno geek, Jai Shree Metallica, Anna, Sarkar, Tornado, Jazzy)

'Anna' has been on the edi board for the last 3 years. In his capacity as Chief Executive Designer (C.E.D) he built a complete new team from scratch which made its mark with Musings'05. This being his final outing as the design 'Sarkaar' will see some of his very best designs surface in Musings'06 (Tornado always saves the best for the last.)
The campaigning posters designed by him for M'06 have already become quite a rage (guys going gaga n gals swooning by just Ek Jhalak) with everyone including scavengers giving them a dekho.
He is the benchmark for visual design and imagery whose perfection and quality of work the future generations of designers will try to achieve. ‘Jazzy’ brings with him a truckload of experience and most importantly diplomatic ties (read good relations with different departments.)He is like an iron fist in a velvet glove. Soft, unassuming and calm on the outside and rock solid inside.

Siddharth: Seneschal Honcho
(Gandalf, Attitude Bhai, Charging Bull, Beast Man, Joker, The One)

'Attitude Bhai' believes in wearing his state of mind on his t-shirts. Deeply obsessed with the mag this year to make up for the laziness and procrastination of last year (he has exorcised the demons of the past) the 'Charging Bull' is on an all time creative high (thanks to Bejan Daruwalla) with a few un occasional mental voids Beast Man's creative shockers are charging up the atmosphere in camp M'06.Creative ideas seem to strike him at the most unexpected moments like when in the loo! or sweating it out on some mechanics problem. 'Joker' is trying his hand at sketching also this year to contribute to the mag in more than one way. Beast man’s only hobby these days is screwing up the rest of the edi board by threatening to blast them online. His favorite word these days is 'balls'. Anyone who tries to foray into his territory gets balled. Rahul Dravid is his idol and he’s trying to emulate ‘The Wall’s’ example of leading from the front. Expect kick ass content from 'The One' this year.

Kay Kalpana: Chancellor, Honcho
(Dainty Damsel, Mystik Moon, Flying Cobra, Philosopher, In Ankhon Ki Masti Mein)

'Dainty Damsel' has undergone a sea of change from last year. Last time she was this restless soul completely into the mag but now a 'thanda' player now and didn’t loose her cool during campaigning this time (how people mature with the times.) She has overcome her complacent attitude and is forging ahead with full steam.
'Philosopher' thinks deep thoughts and it's always up to the others to keep guessing what those big round eyes are trying to convey. Though soft and well behaved 'Flying Cobra' is capable of furious rage also. 'Mystik Moon' has also spruced up her computer skills very well and now has a very big network spanning many colleges and countries. And she has also started blogging (a welcome sign) for the first time so we'll come to know more about her deep introverted beautiful thoughts.

PS: Sid n Kal can't stop bickering at each other. When the Beast Man' and the 'Dainty Damsel' take sides on an issue it's nothing less than a fireworks display. Arguments and counters follow thick and fast. The 'Charging Bull' is aggressive but 'Flying Cobra' is sensible. Finally no conclusion crops up at the end of the big fight n it's up to the moderators (edi board) to chillax things. But none will agree with the other's point without a sound explanation.

Now for the new kids on the block:::

Triveni: Commanding officer, Top Banana
(Trinity, Sant, Chillax, Analyst, Abstract Artist)

'Trinity' adds new dimension to the edi board this year with her analytical n logical skills. She was the most likely choice when the need for an exclusive Telugu editor cropped up. 'Sant' writes profound poems which few people with extraordinary acumen (the Zine team) can truly comprehend. She is a 'chillax' candidate with a soft voice which often gets lost in an argument. This 'Abstract Artist' can come up with sketches in a jiffy and has the magnet like ability to draw people into her aura. She is the only member on the board who has not screwed up her internals and attendance percentages. And she always cribs about me (in good sense)....but all the females on da edi board generally seem to pickup an argument with me..dunno why?

Aditya Narayanan: Prince
(Quicksilver,I'm a Rebel,Tamil Thambi,Mard,Fully Blooded Mgitian)

Quicky is this extemporaneous natural guy who has his hand in every 'happening' thing in college (Nirvana, Musings, Retreat, IEEE, ISTE, Forums.)
A born genius at getting work done using the most unimaginable means (poor juniors).His proclamation of "I'm a rebel" has won him applauses and brickbats alike. But is he is never the one to give up and always bounces back after a dry spell. 'Tamil Thambi' freaks out at any 'mass Metallica' number just like Mr.Techno. A bit tightening up of his loose tongue which hurls fireballs at the drop of a hat would be very much appreciated. Recently out of his mental deadlock he is raring to go. 'Mard' has the ability to cheer up anyone with his whacky sense of humor and kickass attitude. Juniors fear him and seniors go gaga over him. The coming days will see 'The Fully Blooded Mgitian' (He refuses to have any Musings in paraya desam) face the ultimate test of persistence and guts.

Chetan Kumar: Dictator
(Shaitan, Makda, Shammer, Jhonny English, Mawali)

Shaitan finally made it to the edi board this year after a jinxed attempt last year. Always high on ideas and enthu 'Makda' always makes his presence felt with his absence. This guy is a born 'Shammer' with remarkable abilities. 'Mawali' just can't seem to control a particular expletive in his speech. He brings with him some experience as the editor of his school mag. Shaitan wants to leave his chaap on M'o6 so he has started thinking out of the box which is a good omen.
'Jhonny English' has been assigned the task of editing the countless (pun intended!) hindi articles which are expected to drop in this year. So as a build up to this mammoth task he has been spotted deeply engrossed in a copy of 'Manak Hindi Vyakaran Pustkika' leading to curious glances and stares. Balls to stares is his reply.

(Miss.Con, Spitfire, Jassi, Hot head, Tigress)

Miss.Con is kinda da face of M'06.She has been able to draw good responses from the not-fairer sex due to her stage persona and ever-growing fan following.
Public relations are her forte. ‘Spitfire' used to be a firebrand babe in her 1st year (poor guys we seniors) but has now cooled down a bit now as she hit her stride.
A big fan of Sourav Ganguly she hopes n fervently prays to see 'dada' return to his past lost glory. Still the rookie now she is learning the ropes. Watch out for this hot headed tigress on the prowl in the coming weeks as countdown to M'06 begins.

Shiva Aditya: Autocrat
(Shiv Cartik{courtesy miss.con}, Firstee, Casanova, Inspector Gadget, Blue eyed boy)

Shiv Cartik oops Shiva Aditya is one 'cool' player. This (M'06) is his first big thing in college. He loves anything on wheels. Cartik n Gandalf share the same passion for red hot cars n drop dead gorgeous bikes. Mr. Casanova has girls swooning on the mere mention of his name (he has been asked to put this special ability of his to get more contributions from the fairer sex;-s)
'Firstee' has an awesome experience working on flash fireworks and is learning the ropes of Photoshop very fast. Inspector Gadget is ready to engage N-cage anyone anywhere. He's currently on an undercover mission to IIT-Madras to woo intellectual girls there and discover the source of IIT's deep pockets.
'Blue Eyed Boy' has bonded thick and fast with the rest of the edi board very fast and very well. 'Firstee' has some very useful tit-bits to offer and has a large network of associates. A very fruitful experience lies ahead for this dude under the able guidance of the senior members.

So, M'06 has all the required ingredients (Attitude,Creativity,style,Fun,Frolic,Jest,verve,Vigor,Experience,Network,Computing Power, Literary backing) to become a successful potboiler.

Salaam Namaste....Sid


Its a beautiful, sunny, sunday morning and here i go with my strained attempts to keep the updates up and going...

It really shocked me yesterday when the "creative shocker" informed me that he suddenly "slipped" into a state of "writers' block"..!! Unbelievable it was what with his forever active mind constantly exploring the craziest of imaginary worlds that usually churns such amusing stuff that sends people ( *except him, as he claims :-\) into peels of laughter... way to go!! And to think he was getting so passionate about the mag, investing his heart and soul into it noon n night, ever busy in giving form to the latest ideas that crop up within.!!!
And well... this has prompted me to slog and slave my mental muscles to nullify the dormancy within and finally speak to the readers of this blog...a warm hi to all of you! :)

A lot has already been said here regarding the progress of our work, and in the most interesting manner at that (thanks to the shocker again!)... and yet there is always more to it than can be expressed... Working on the 'zine' is no cakewalk.... it requires huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge patience and sustained enthusiasm to to keep our spirits high day in and day out... As of now... it is a period of waiting... waiting expectantly for articles (good ones at that!) to pour in... We have had a few responses from the first years .. but i m sad to say that they were dissappointing! Man!The freshers need to grow up! Its no more schooling and we demand that you set certain standards to your writing... Our mag should reflect highly on our college! Luckily,since i could actually talk to them in person,i could drive this point into their humble minds and they were good enough to promise to make better attempts.Appreciable! :) So itsWAITING WAITING and WAITING all the way.... After all the best is always in store till the last... or so we hope! :)

Hmm... did i mention the publicity is in full swing this time??The campaigning and the posters apart, it has extended to the online world too.....The other day( January, the 26th,to be precise) i spent the whole night to scrap each person in the mgit communities in orkut...( well... orkut is a cosy cosy site where we can get in touch with sooo many friends new and old.... Isn't it lov-er-ly!! i love orkut! :) ) and was glad to find at least a few resposes... but we need articles man! And so we wait... crossing our fingers and hoping to receive contributions from at least a few of the so many alumni that we mailed...... Hey, i ought to mention that i have created a community exclusively for musings in orkut (thanks to sid again!! he messaged me in the dead of the night and talked me into creating one outright and yippie! i ended up doing something which i never did! i am the owner of a community! some achievement indeed! ;) ) So guys, if you believe in musings.. then proclaim it to the whole world.. go join the community-Musings Mgit !! :)

What more....?? The usual meetings in the campus, brain storming discussions (or are they endless arguments??!! ) that seem to trace no end, rosy hunt for budding talent, motivating friends to exercise n trigger their able minds, charting out agendas and chalking plans for variety and change... these are our days... Its quite an anxious time indeed!! :) Ravi's encouraging inputs ( though we miss his regular presence in col...) and wonderful gelling of the Team Musings... are well worth cherishing... and keep us all going...

I guess its time i say adieu for the day .... :) Before wrapping up folks, let me tell you that dont u worry! sid has taken the good old medicine that i prescribed- he has agreed to give some rest to his discombobulated brain- and should be back very soon... I wont be surprised even if he juggles up into full form and conquers this space again in just a few more minutes!! Anyway do keep visiting this place and drop in your views and comments ... thank you soooo much... Team Musings loves you all...
cheerio!! :) :-h


Pangs of guilt filled me as I left to attend EDC class as the rest of TEAM MUSINGS left for postering.
Anyway for me every bit of attendence that I gather will surely benefit me in the future. Please don't take Sid's word for it, I ain't no geek.
As far as articles are concerned & creativity is concerned,I seem to have been suffering from mental block with all my endeavours (read NIRVANA,MUSINGS &THE RETREAT) being affected. But form my dear friends is temporary... class is permanent if I could say so myself. ahem ahem I just did.
Anyway I'm totally in love with TEAM MUSINGS because everyone understands each other's shortcomings & we play as a team. When Sid told MISS CON to take light our latest battle of postering, She actually did. The bum.
Also no one is against the other person's decision & this I'm sure will rub off in the mag.
Thats all for now folks.


Mission Chipkao
"Out of sight means out of mind", this maxim is very much applicable to the MGIT junta.
We were done with the shout fest, now it was time for the visual treat.
Mr. Resourceful Ravi Shankar came up with some nifty, eye- popping, bindaaz posters for the main promotion part, the 55 words contest and the abstract arena (posters in previous post)
We all (the edi board) awed and more awwwed at the digital images. But our college printer had decided to play a cruel trick on us. As the first draft was eeking its way out of the printer our hearts were racing faster than a Ferrari Mc Laren-F1 and...Crashed into a wall the moment a copy landed into our eager hands. It looked like nothing on the screen before us. It resembled something which I would call ....(I'm short of words to describe my horror.)We were clueless and stood rooted in our places.
But the kind hearted gentleman [God bless him] (whom I had managed to soften up a bit, by being too eager about his contribution to the mag) said we would try out an another printer was enough to set our blood pressure shooting up again.

This is Team Musings mate. This ain't a place for the weak hearted and Futoo people (Jiski bahut jaldi fatt jathi hai.)We court adversities at every front.

But again disappointment courtesy red-tapism and too many hurdles (instead the hurdles event at the Olympics would have been a cake walk for us.)
Moral: Never pin hopes on the official office printer.
But our Nice guy refused to give up. Being an ex personal assistant to the head honcho he still calls the shots. So he just rings up the stationery in charge (MGIT has one incase you dint know) and ordered a hp DeskJet color cartridge pronto.

I salivated on seeing the beauty which held within it the magic liquid to transform the digital imagery to a visual delight. A line from Eminem's 8 mile road struck me “look if you had one chance, one opportunity, would you let it go?"
No, never.
So I watched with a subdued breath as his hands gingerly placed the small box into it's righteous place....I was about to do a 'Theen Maar' when...
"Houston we have a problem" (oh draconian devil not again!!!)
The images are on a cd and the system we are working on doesn't have a cd drive
(damn these cheap assembled pc's.)

Dilema again....? (ab kya hoga?)

Mein ney chabyee minto fresh aur dimag ki batthi jalayee.
Cd drive nahi hai to kya hua windows networking hai na. Just type in a few password strings and we are game. Thank you Mr. Bill Gates.

From our past experience we were not so expectant this time. We stood there grinning and giving each other idiotic glances.The print quality this time was better if not excellent. We stocked up and left thanking Mr. Nice guy profusely from the bowels of our stomach :-)
Now the second most important part of the campaigning; we had to home upon the hot spots where people's eyes would naturally travel (no pun intended) and find our posters there. We had four different posters this time around(a rapid increase over last year where we had only one; happens when you have a chief editor who answers to the title 'creative shocker')
We struck off the loo's and waiting rooms from our list of hot spots as people would be in an hurry to relieve their tension rather read about an artistic outburst and overflowing of creative juices.
Finally we hit upon the idea that we would plaster the posters on opposite sides of the wall in every classroom so that guys will be looking in the gals direction and vice versa leading to exchange of meaningful glances and stuff for gossip mongers ( Da Vinci is our guru; every action of ours serves a double purpose) creating positive vibes which will be good in the interest of the mag because to be creative on the spur (what we need from our contributors to the mag) your romantic life has to be hip-hop and happening.

Maidan-e-jung :
The warriors of the edi board were ready to break into fortress MGIT armed with posters, rolls of cello tapes and scissors. The male regiment was lead knight Gandalf n field commander Chee-tan kumar. The female brigade boasted of two firebrand dynamic ladies Kal and Trinity who were prepared to the hilt. It was time for running from pillar to post.

Wait, did I hear you say where is the rest of the 'zine' team? Well we guys believe in 'divide and don't work'
Our chief mentor is cooling his bum punching away keys relentlessly on his new AMD machine in the comfort of his Neverland, probably with some Metallica composition blaring out at full blast.
Adi n Spurthi (sincere, studious folks these) are trying to make sense of compression ratios and suction volumes in the thermal engineering class.
And our celebrated designer Mr.Shiv Aditya a.k.a Chanderpaul is meandering away to 6 days of bliss at IIT Chennai.He has been given strict orders not to flirt with the girls there as he may occupy a podium place next to actress Kushboo(moral policing in full swing there) and we don’t want to loose good talent to thambi's and mapullai's down south.

Shift back to ground zero. We had breached the walls; MGIT spread out its arms welcoming us into its fold.
Time for some action, "girls take to the left and guys take the right," I barked.
[I have a thing about directions in which the ying- yang must work in order for successful completion of the work]
The guys are fast but the girls are efficient. Between us the job was over in 20 minutes flat.At B-block Kal left us due to some prior musical commitments. So now down to three we hit the stairs taking five at a time and are done with the B block in a jiffy cos only three sections are taught in this entire mammoth block. Triveni did
the cutting, Chetan did the rolling and I did the plastering.

The reaction from the people on spotting the posters near the library...
It’s a bird, it’s a pane. .It’s a musings poster!”

Here I must mention what a cannibal this guy Chee-tan is..he doesn't waste any time in cutting the tape with scissors just runs a layer of it through his razor sharp teeth and presto we have a fission.

Dude Chetan....take a bow.

People gave us stares as if we were on some kinda 'around the college in 80 seconds' trip. But balls to stares the task at hand is more physically demanding than ever. Whosoever came up with this architectural wonder (MGIT) should have put up some escalators and fly-overs between the blocks which would have made life a lot easier for us folks.We scaled peaks 'B-block' and 'C-block' in succession planting our flags (posters) rigidly.
Triveni and Chetan left after C-block. I was left alone to challenge the final frontier the monstrous D-block. I sweated and pretted. Repeated some powerful motivational sloka and decided to take the plunge.

I heard a voice calling me..mebbe my soul had slipped out..I must be dreaming or freaking mad..suddenly a hand landed on my shoulder..I had a mild heart attack..whoa it's Adi.
He sez," Koi tension nahi lena ka boss support system (read juniors) is here."

D-block was also scaled. I felt on top of the world (literally)
Adi has learnt the ropes of the trade (human wealth management) very well. He has taken off from where I left last year. Watch this guy he'll make it big in HRM/HRD of an MNC someday.
We celebrated the completion of our chipkao mission over a bottle of appy fizz and dispersed.

PS: I return to my haven tired, hungry and worn out. My legs aches like hell.Painkillers have no effect. My pal suggests a shot of a 'strong' soft drink. I guzzle down a pint and slip into a deep slumber. I am neck deep into ecstasy romancing my favorite heroine when my mobile goes off. Due to the indiscernible state of my mind (guess the soft drink was too hard) I mistook my Dad's call for one from my pal's and say “eh maamu apun abhi full load pey hai baad mein phone karne ka." I heard "okay son" and the other phone clicked.
I awoke with a start all my tiredness disappearing in an instant.

Last spotted my dad was seen on a flight bound for Hyderabad.

Pray for me people....Amen




hey guys..
so finally some holy soul(thanks sid!!!) sent me the invite and now i am on..
so ppl whts happening.howz life....
ya man the campaining was a fun experience as sid said............ thanks to spoorthi...
hahahaha never gave a chance to anyone to open their mouth leave alone sayin something...
so guyz lets start workin really hard and get this 'zine out..

chal gyuz wil make a move now..



Campaigning Blues

The team of Musings'06:::

So finally it began on the morning of January the 21st 2007 the warriors of Team Musings decided to launch their offensive and take MGIT by storm..!!!

The Campaigning was lead by three firebrand ladies Kalpana,Spurthi and Triveni. They led from the front.We guys Sid(me),Aditya,Shiv,Chetan did the background score that is looking macho and all pumped up while the gals were excercising their vocal cords to the max. Mr.Technogeek a.k.a Ravi Shankar was playing the perfect mentor being his usual brooding self (mebbe he was spellbound at how well planned and organised da shout fest was going on).Must say Campaigning is a female forte.But as usual it was MECHATRONICS domination everywhere (4 ppl this time round also on the edi board.)

The response from the 1st year classes was upbeat as usual cos basically the junior classes are our hunting grounds for any form of creative activity.They keep our spirits soaring when the chips are down.The response from EEE 1st yr was exceptional...keep a tab on these guyz ek din college ka naam roshan karenge.
And ya Chetan did a very good job as a herald holding up da copy of last years mag everytime a junie wanted to have a glance at it.

The second years were enthusiactic but were thankful to us as we provided da right kind of disruption to class work so that they could cram bits for the internal in the afty.But the mood was upbeat here also...Mgit is awaking from it's slumber..I can feel it.

The Third years..Well they were their usual laidback self..listening cooly and againg returning back to their work once we left.People mature over the years..

funny incidents of the day :::

kalpana n Spurthi having a verbal duel of sorts in classes interrupting each other's scentences.The poor listeners were left confused with so many repetetions and redentions.Spurthi must explore da option of workiong on FM Radio she will make a good Radio Jockey.

Spurthi christened the poor designer Shiv Aditya as Shiv Narayan Chanderpaul in one of the classes..he was flabergasted!!!

Spurthi again: As we entered a second year class a guy from the last bench calls out aloud "Hi Spurthi"..and she doesn't know who her gumnaam fan is !! It seems she has a huge fan following in MGIT..hope this helps in drawing more creative talent.

The third yr MMT Junta ( mass guyz) began clapping when we entered (felt great someone was appreciating our good work) and clapped again as we left that too with the H.O.D in class !!

The fourth yr IT annas (bindaaz guyz)asked us to blurt out our bio data's n then carry on with the rest of da mag promotion stuff.

Not so Yaadgaar moments::

In da 3rd yr IT class it was the lecturer who scewed us up..he said the kind of articles which we were demanding (pulitzer winning ones according to him) would take time and da deadline was too close. It was improper planning on our part kehte...neways balls to him..somethings never change and some people will always be pissed off.

The 2nd yr MMT bhai logh dint allow us to make our point with their boo's and whistles.We left disgusted as expected.

A lec in the first year mechatronicx section treats us like sales representatives and shooe's us away..telling us to come back latter...



To diversify Musings this year we have a host of creative contests lined up for da mgit junta

1. 55 word fantasy::: Pen a story using 55 words or less. best entries get featured in musings'06

2.Abstract Arena::: Distort the given image using the image editor of ur choice. come up with an image that is a stark contrast from the original.

we need enthu and participation so ppl get ur grey cells to work

more contests coming up very soon...watch this space for more...ciao


Before giving ye fellas a sneek peek of this years final promotional posters...have a look at the last years design...shows how people at musings believe in the philosphy " Everything is permanent except change..."


The design team is falling head over heels to come up with some catchy posters for promotion of da mag...wat one designs the other calls it "not appealing"...so we are now pretty much confused as to what to chuck in n wat to chuck out !!! Some designs as of now (as i am typing here da creative minds are sweating it out :-) )


welcome to the online blog of the musings'06 editorial board alias the 'zine team'. This blog is to chronicle what we guyz call the 'zine experience'. follow us as we take you along with us into what actually goes into bringing out a college magazine against all odds and impossible deadlines...happy reading fellas

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